How to choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding

May 13, 2021
How to choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding

A photographer is a person who captures a moment that you will treasure and would want to share with others, choosing the right photographer to capture the beautiful moments is a really important decision and it is necessary to find the one who understands your ideas. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, the beginning a new chapter. Family and friends get together and create some fun memories which you would like to treasure as long as you live and here it’s important to select the best wedding photographers for your big day.

Weddings are full of multiple emotions and our team at Pixcellent Weddings is known and ranks among the top wedding photographers in Pune.

Your wedding photos are the ones you will keep forever so you need to make sure you get the best wedding photographers in Pune, Mumbai, and Maharashtra. Years down the line you will relive the big day looking at these pictures.

1. Set your budget

Finalize a budget that you can afford for the photography and video services. Once that’s done discuss with your photographer what you have in mind and get suggestions from them as to what they have to offer. Remember communication is the key. If you are comparing different photographers then compare their work against each other. See which style of photos suits and pleases you the most.

2. Experience 

Remember that the wedding photographers are probably the ones who will stay in touch with you the longest. All other vendors like the catering services and decoration services work only for the day, but you will be in touch with your wedding photographer even after your wedding day to receive photos and videos or to get your photo books printed. And you don’t want this experience to be cumbersome and exhausting. Wedding photography is different from any other photography so having a photographer with a year or more experience will be good for you as they will know the flow of the day and known where to be at the right time to capture the moments. 

3. See portfolio 

A portfolio is essential, their website will showcase their work style. You will also get to know more about their work experience, cancellation policies, etc. Make sure you go through the complete range of pictures uploaded on their website.

4. Do they know your venue?

Knowing your venue means the photographer is aware of the lighting conditions and they have prior experience with the location. If something doesn’t add up then your wedding photographer can give you proper suggestions to ensure the best wedding pictures.

5. Arrange a meeting 

Meet them face to face, go through their portfolio and see how you gel along with them, and ask them questions. Remember, when you feel overly cautious in front of the camera the photographer is the one who has to calm you down and tell you that you are looking amazing. Your photographer has to know you well and has to be like your best friend.

What to ask them? 

  • Ask them about their packages and what they have to offer
  • Ask them about their work experience
  • Ask them about their style and how they work
  • Will they be the ones taking photos on the day
  • Ask them how they plan and do they plan back up if something goes wrong

Narrow down the photographers

Meet few photographers and then pick the one you feel is best for your wedding shoot.

  • Qualities to look for in a photographer-
  • Who cares about your marriage and understands how important this day is for you.
  • Someone who is as excited as you are about the big day.
  • Someone who has a work experience of at least 4-5 years.
  • A photographer has to gel up with you like a good friend.
  • They are flexible with their style. 

Choosing the top wedding photographers (in Pune) wisely for your special occasion is the most important thing. After accomplishing this task you will certainly feel happy when you see the photos printed in your photo book.

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